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Myanmar Banks Association was established on 1-4-1999 under the Notification No. 37/99 and 38/99 issued by the Ministry of Finance & Revenue and the resolution of the Trade Council meeting No.4/99 held on April 1st 1999.



Myanmar Banks Association is located at No.(2) Sibin New Road Yankin Township between the Central Bank of Myanmar and the Yankin Center shopping mall.



The objectives are:

a. To support the policy guidelines laid down and implemented by the State for the development of agricultural, industrial and trade sectors.

b. To cooperate and co-ordinate among Banks within the policy framework for further preservation of the internal and external value of Myanmar Kyat.

c. To take a leading role in the promotion of cooperation and cohesiveness among banks.

d. To nurture the public habit of relying on banks and using banking services.



Myanmar Banks Association organized  with the Ministers of National Planning and Economic Development Ministry, Fiance and Revenue Ministry and Home Ministry as patrons. The Governor of Central Bank of Myanmar, the Managing Directors of Myanma Economic Bank, Myanma Investment and Commercial Bank and Myanma Foreign Trade Bank are Board of Directors from State sector and 19 private banks totaling 23 Board of Directors.



To operate a training school, education, research and library, ASEAN and foreign relation activities apart from the chairman and secretary's  office work such as administration, finance, etc...